E-Commerce Site for Langatun

High-end performance whisky brand Langatun needed a modern e-commerce site that introduced customers to the depth and quality of their brand. Built on the Woocommerce Enterprise e-commerce platform, the fully responsive experience is engaging and educational for customers. Not surprisingly, that engagement has driven sales for the company.

Project Description

Our task was to develop and implement a new e-commerce website for Swiss Whisky Distillery that supports hundreds of users, provide online-shopping, gift-cards and coupons, events booking system, online transactions, a role-based security model, online shopping integration and other features.


We built this product from the ground up. To understand the whisky industry workflow, we analyzed all possible interactions among staff, sales, customers, marketing department.

Our UX/UI team designed a unique responsive design. We created more than 50 screens to fulfill all our user stories.

We developed a convenient system for managing visits, purchasing, event booking, event appointment, order history and other.

For a project such as Langatun, performance and security are critical. Therefore, we used only trusted and secure technologies.

We created an e-commerce website on WordPress and Woocommerce. We adopted the Admin Dashboard for Customer needs. Implemented order creating and order management system. With a new e-commerce website, the sales increased in x10 online and in x5 – offline.

We used HostPoint encrypted storage and secure, signed URLs for files. They can only be accessed via a secure connection with a signed URL that has a limited access time.

The server architecture was designed to make the system fast, secure, stable, and scalable. We held a brainstorming session to define the best components for this project that would allow us to build the system according to all requirements.

We used MailChimp for automated marketing emails, Polylang for Multi-languages, system Yoast for Seo and other plugins to improve the online-store work.

The detailed Project Documentation, that was provided by VoiceInWeb Commerce, helped the Team to achieve the Business goals and get the positive Customer’s feedback.


April 1, 2018 – January 4, 2019


Web Designer
Front-end Developer
Back-end Developer
Solution Architect
QA Engineer
Project Manager
Product Owner


We worked with most popular digital commerce platforms – WordPress, Woocommerce.
We created:
– Design in Photoshop
– Project Documents in Microsoft Office
– Management system – Trello
– Front-end: JS, CSS3, jQuery ajax
– Back-end: PHP, WordPress Framework.

The project is held by a process, called SDLC, that allows us to achieve goals of our clients. Following Agile Scrum methodology for an effective project management.

Event Booking
Dashboard Content Management Back office
Personalized Filling up
Social Sharing
Sign in/Sign up
Social Sign in/Sign up
Products List Page
Products Filters
Online-payment by Credit Card and PayPal
Search Functionality
Age Verification
Download Page Permissions
Different Role Permissions
Google Analytics
Store Locator